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5 Reasons why you should to quit Instagram

S h o u l d   I  q u i t  I n s t a g r a m ?
My journey with instagram has somehow been an interesting ride. 

I love imagery, I'm a visual person, and I so love getting inspired and sharing what I see. Down side over the years is...

1. You are wasting your time I found myself that there were afternoons where I would be on the app for an hour, either scrolling, searching, and looking at other people's wonderful lives, whiles I had just had a tough day at work, or whiles I was living my mundane 

2. You are comparing yourself
I felt that at times this was my way of self-hurting myself, it was a vicious circle, I would start scrolling and then all of a sudden I would be in someone's profile, most of the time a girl, more pretty, slimmer, fitter, who'd travel all the time and got sponsored with anything and everything!

All of a sudden you feel like your life is trapped in a 9 to 5 job, where nothing is happening, and because your life is not this filter you feel angry and sad al…

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