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What is Feminism? 

I used to like calling myself a feminist, because it was a way of identifying myself as someone who could provoke a call to justice around us.
Instead, it is a world of white middle class women after 'equal' rights on top of their rights, or for a few more pennies in their bank account each month. 
I liked the term 'feminism' to call out for justice for girls and women without education, to stop arranged child marriages, and child pregnancy, human slavery,  I mean the list goes on. 
Currently, the term is used to refer to women as angry men haters.  Yes, I have said it, and I am a woman int he 1st world. 
Minority groups do not get involved in protesting, they don't want to call themselves 'feminists' and we have other issues, like the judgement of our skin colour. That is not a 'right' for us, but rather a lifestyle.
If we want a movement as women, we need a goal, and there is no goal. 

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