Who I Am

I have decided to add my thoughts in writing too, I hope this words will echo somewhere out there.

I am Colombian by birth, We lived in the capital, Bogota, in a nice house with three levels, a big garden and a Husky.  My family emigrated to Mallorca, a small Spanish Mediterranean Island. Through many years of my life, I felt ashamed of where I came from, I was only 8 years old when we moved, as  Colombia is always portrayed negatively because of drug cartels,  the civil war, and all the very sad things that go on, it was hard for me to accept where I came from, as I felt racism and discrimination around me.
I went to a Spanish school for two years, I was then sent to a new Christian English school that opened on the island, my education has been more English than Spanish. I found myself as a Colombian girl, living in Spain,  being educated in the English culture.

At home, my father wanted us to speak in perfect Colombian Spanish , (which by the way is the most beautiful form of Spanish, you can google this) but in the shop or with my friends, I had to learn my Spanish accent, making sure I pronounced my 'c' and my 'z'. And then at school we had the most marvelous English teacher, who very much taught us the Queen's English.

I am twenty-three now, and I can say that I am a Colombian, and I love that about me,  I love that I have written a small book about it. I love that I am a mixture of culture.

 I didn't quite know who I was, I was a mixture of things people around me wanted me to be. But I found God's love working in my life, and knowing that when I am with him, I don't have to be any of this things, because I am loved by Him, and that's who I am. I am perfect for Him.

I love Jesus, I love the way he turned culture around, and the way He accepted and loved women, you can see it though out Scripture, the Samaritan woman, the woman caught in adultery, and many more. Because Jesus is a feminist, I am a feminist too. Many Christians will struggle with this because, its not religious enough.

All these labels given to us , black, white, straight, gay, beautiful, ugly, murderer, prostitute. But for Him we are just perfect, all these labels fall off, as he call us to be His children.


  1. Really enjoyed this!

  2. Great stuff, Laura. Really happy you shared that. Blessings...

  3. Finding who we are outside of all those labels is such a wonderful and freeing thing. Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Really inspired by this thank you!


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