Our Californian Adventure

Our Californian Adventure

I started this blog in 2011, and in 2017, I have promised myself to update it more than three times a year. 

I guess it's because I think I'm talking to myself most of the time on these posts. Ha.

When I met John we always knew that we wanted to do lots of traveling together, we have visited many countries, and been blessed to do so, hopefully the list will keep growing.

After having gone to Brazil, that was a trip that did something in our lives, and it was significant. We knew California was going to be special, not just because we were going on a trip, but because we were going to Bethel, which has been key for both our growth in God. I will speak more about Bethel on another post.

This has been a trip that's stamped our journey, and we are still processing.

We also got to spend time with family, and friends that happened to be there, as well as making friends for life. 

Our trip consisted of arriving in NYC and spending there four days then flying over to San Francisco. Hopefully I can do an NYC post too.

Our trip looked something like this in California:

San Francisco, CA
Redding, CA
Santa Rosa CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Malibu, CA
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Due to a miracle, we got to drive a Camero SS, we called him Bumblebee (Obviously). Whaaaaaaat? Thank you Eurocar Rentals. 

We did a lot of Airbnb in California, we tried our first Airbnb in NYC for one of the nights, then we did another six different places in CA. 

For us, we wanted it to be an adventure, so we didn't actually book any of this places until a couple of days before once we were there.
It was fun to do this, as it allowed us to go wherever we wanted to and had a lot more flexible times. 

Anyone who knows me knows I have an obsession with photography, I took four cameras, but here are some of my phone's highlights. 


A d i o s


H a s t a  P r o n t o 

Depends if I write again soon enough...