F e m i n i s m

Feminism the equality or is it the value of women? Equality has been taken into a complete different perspective.

Are we protesting for women in Human slavery in the first & third world nations, are we crying out for young children in prostitution, are we walking for girls and women's rights for education in 3rd world countries, are we calling out for young girls without an education or resources when they face their first menstruation. What about girl refugees? Or are we in his for our own good and to trend in this comfortable millennial social media world. 

I think we have it quite ok in comparison to these girls who have no voice, no social media, no communication. No expression on how they are feeling all women are not equal yet. What about unborn girls do they have rights? Jesus did not rescue a girl who had it together and need a bit more salary. Jesus rescued a woman from prostitution, a woman found in adultery, a marginalised Samaritan woman. We are so blind with the term of equality, that we are focusing to fight against men, rather than fighting for those who need rescuing.