My family and I left the country, when I was only 8, we had to move,  because God told my Dad. My parents didn't want us to grow afraid. We were in one occassion stopped by the Guerrilla on a Trip to the Coast of the Country (Barranquilla) . The insecurity and lack of a peaceful future made us emigrate – you could say that we became  refugees from  the forgotten conflict that still in is the country after 70 years.

This project is presonal to me because I could have been one of those kidnapped girls, or lived in the insecurity of a country that is itself one of the most beautiful places in this planet. I believe that I have found a subject matter that I am passionate about, something that gives me the responsability to talk about this situation, and this women that encounter themselves, alone and in pain for most of their lives.

 There are between 11,000 and 14,000 child soldiers. 
Guerrilla and paramilitary forces recruit, sometimes forcibly, and use children. Guerrilla groups, paramilitaries, government armed forces and national police all perpetrate violence and abuses against civilians, including children and adolescents.  These are infractions of international humanitarian law and human rights, yet these crimes are often committed with a high level of impunity. Young people have been killed and maimed, victimized by sexual violence, lured and forced into the ranks of combatants, used as informants, marked as targets and driven from their homes.  Young people have been devastated by the culture of crime and violence that has evolved in Colombia due to the nexus of armed conflict, illegal drug trafficking and proliferation of small arms
(WatchList: Children in Armed Conflict)

All this conflict is going in a country where people have seen it so much that it almost doesn't affect people in the capital (Bogota) feel anything. When I was only a child I remember seeing children selling sweets by traffic lights, TODAY I am twenty-two years old. and this is an ongoing situation.

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